Fred A Rowley is a recognized solid dosage expert and a pioneer in solid dosage training.

He is also President and Chief Guest Lecturer for the highly respected  Solid Dosage Training, Inc.

We are qualified to teach by:

  • The Center For Professional Advancement (1989-Present) to teach solid dosage manufacturing.
  • Fette America (2002, Derickson) to teach Fette tablet press operation.
  • Gansons (India, 2010, A. Banerjee) to teach aqueous film coating pan operation.
  • Thomas Engineering (USA, G.C. Ebey, 1985) to teach Manesty tablet press operation and Accela Cota coating pan operation.
  • Pacific Tooling (India, 2014) and Natoli (D. Natoli, 1999) to teaching punch and die maintenance.
  • Glatt and Aeromatic, GmbH (1984, 86, Geppert, Parkington) to teach fluidized bed granulation (both), Wurster column operation (both) and rotary granulator operation (Glatt).

Formerly he worked as Director, Manufacturing Technical Support, Watson Laboratories, Plant Manager, Tablets and Capsules for Weider Nutrition International; Vice President, Operations for Arnet Pharmaceutical; and OROS Operations Manager for Alza Corporation

He received his B.S. Biochemistry degree from the University of Santo Tomas, Manila and studied for the M.S. degree in engineering at California Coast University.

Appointed Doset in 2012, awarded honorary degree in 2014.

Mr. Rowley has also held senior manufacturing, technical services and engineering related positions at Syntex Corporation, Shaklee Corporation and Stayner Pharmaceuticals.

Mr. Rowley has written many technical articles in the fields of tablet granulation, compressing, coating and printing and currently serves on the editorial advisory boards of both Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Tablets and Capsules magazines.     Simply type: “Pharmaceuticals> Rowley” on any server.



We started our business in 1989 introducing a three day course entitled “Introduction to Solid Dosage Manufacturing”. We later expanded the inventory of courses to include a single day course for all of the individual unit operations required for Pharmaceutical solid dosage manufacturing.

Our clients are a list of “Who’s Who” in the tablet manufacturing industry, including non pharaceutical manufacturing.



Fred and his team of experts support an ongoing need for reliable, dependable information in the quality manufacturing of tablets, capsules and soft gelatin capsules.

Each individual has been personally selected and trained by Fred Rowley in various unit operations. All individuals are bilingual. All individuals have advanced degrees in related disciplines.


Solid Dosage Training has taught all over the world. We really need no introduction, we just need to help our clients.

We’ll just do the A’s and B’s

  • AAI, Wilmington, NC (2)
  • Abbott Labs:

–Jayuya, Puerto Rico

–Budapest, Hungary

  • Accu_Break Pharma., FL (4)
  • African Bio-Products, Tanzania
  • Alpharma/Purepac, NJ
  • Alembic Laboratories: (2)

–Vadodara, India

  • Anabolic Labs., Ca.
  • American Ingredients, CA. (7)
  • American Supplement Technologies, AZ (2)
  • Aurobindo Pharma, Hyderabad, India (6)

–Unit 3 (4)

–Unit 7 (2)

–R & D

  • Arnet Pharmaceuticals (6)
  • Aventis:

–New Jersey (R & D)

–Kansas City (3)

  • Balkanpharma,Sofia, Bulgaria (8) *
  • BASF, Shreveport, LA (4)
  • Beker Laboratories, Algeria

*Biogen Idec, Boston, MA

  • Biomarin Pharmaceuticals (2)
  • Blue Cross of California**
  • Boehringer Animal Health, MO
  • Bombay College of Pharmacy*(2)
  • Boots Pharmaceuticals, LA (3)
  • Bosnalijek, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb:

–Evansville, Indiana


Arthur Jack “Butch” Pagliero Jr

The very best Press MAN in the world

Our Picture Was Taken 4 days before his death.

May he rest in peace

Mr Dave Jones

Dave Jones

I was shocked to learn of your passing.

“Mr” and I say “Mr Top and Bottom Spry” and More!

I remember our long and technical debates!!!!

May you rest in peace, from your friend

Fred Rowley